Case study: Resilient medical solutions

The Client:

Resilient medical solutions

The Challenge:
Manufacturing in a highly competitive industry, the company –which has more than 15,000 employees in Mexico,  had found one of its main facilities in a constant loop of turnover and labor saturation. They needed a new horizon and a brand new space to keep creating specialized medical products on a very tight timeline.
Our Solution:
Diligent works breeds resilience. Thanks to the leading foresight of the Prodensa team, we guided our client through our Start-Up and International Trade Compliance programs. We offered strategic guidance and know-how of the Hermosillo region, so they could move forward confidently. Local knowledge that could be transformed into easier decision-making. The result was a painless process in which the company –despite the challenges of operating in the midst of a pandemic– has been able to double the projected staffing requirements and create 1,600 new jobs along the way. This project shows that all company ailments can be solved with the right strategic medicine for growth and renewal.

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