Case study: As close to perfection as possible

The Client:

As close to perfection as possible

The Challenge:
Founded in the 1950´s, this company wanted to be closer to its major client –for whom they wanted to provide battery cables and wiring harnesses for their tractor units. Now it was 2010 and a new generation of leaders needed a new location.
Our Solution:
Change of place, brings a change of pace. Under the Start-up Prodensa Business Unit, we set up a shelter model that helped the company to organically settle near Saltillo, Mexico; just a few miles from the plant of their main client. Under the guidance of the Prodensa Project Manager, the company has successfully been able to reduce costs and liabilities and become an industrial mainstay in the region, boasting more than 300 new employees. Now celebrating 10 years of operations, the company is ready to keep evolving, starting to set-up plans for a new and bigger plant due to the success of the project. This is an exemplary PRODENSA project: one where one solution leads to success and a better future for the company across borders. We aim to get our clients closer to unimaginable potential.

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